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Addy Villalobos

Student Sub-Committee, Place 6

Addy Villalobos has served as a TSUG Student Sub-Committee member since 2022 and teaches classes during the annual TSUG conference since 2015. Addy currently works as an SIS Administrator for Fort Bend ISD and…

    Amy Hillin

    Vice President, Health Services Sub-Committee

    Amy Hillin serves as Vice President of the Health Services Sub-Committee. Amy began using Skyward in 2008 and has served as a member Texas Skyward User Group since 2012. Amy currently works as the…

      Angela Willis

      Human Resources Sub-Committee, Place 2

      Angela Willis. Legacy PCA. Coming Soon! (10/2026)

      Anne Haehn

      TSUG Executive Committee Member, Treasurer

      Anne Haehn. Lake Dallas ISD. Coming Soon! (10/2024)

      Brian Gaines

      Technology Sub-Committee, Place 2

      Brian Gaines has served on the Technology Sub-Committee beginning in 2021 and participated at the annual TSUG Conference as session Teacher and Moderator since 2017. He currently works as the SIS Administrator for Fort Bend…

        Christy McWhorter

        Human Resources Sub-Committee, Place 6

        Christy McWhorter has been a member of the Human Resources Sub-Committee since 2013. She works in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD as a Human Resources Coordinator. Her experience with Skyward Finance began in 2009. Her expertise…

        Claudia Alba

        Human Resources Sub-Committee, Place 3

        Claudia Alba serves in the Human Resources Sub-Committee. Currently, she works as a Director of Payroll at Pflugerville ISD and has been with the district since 2021. Her previous experience in Human Resources and…

        Clinton Huffman

        Technology Sub-Committee, Place 3

        Clinton Huffman joins the Technology Sub-Committee starting in 2022. Huffman graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. He worked for Skyward from 2011-2013 and later left the company to accept a job…

        Dan Casteel

        Technology Sub-Committee, Place 4

        Dan Casteel serves as a member of TSUG Technology Sub-Committee and has been a committee member starting in 2023. He participates on both the Student and Technology Sub-Committee by helping to review Product Ideas,…

        Dawna Aleman

        Finance Sub-Committee, Place 2

        Dawna Aleman serves on TSUG’s Human Resources Sub-Committee and has been a member since February 2022. Dawna currently works for Temple ISD as their Payroll Supervisor. Dawna has been a school business professional for 18 years and has…

        DeVaughn Resczenski

        TSUG Executive Committee Member, Conference Registration Data Coordinator

        DeVaughn Resczenski serves as the TSUG Conference Registration Data Coordinator, and also participates on the TSUG Student Sub-Committee. DeVaughn brings with him both a solid technical and PEIMS background that consistently proves helpful to…

        Guadalupe Medina

        Human Resources Sub-Committee, Place 5

        Lupe Medina serves in the Human Resources Sub-Committee. She currently works as a Human Resources Coordinator at Pflugerville ISD. Lupe's experience with Skyward Finance began in 2005 when the product was PAC and then…

        James Matthews

        TSUG Executive Committee Member, President

        James Matthews serves as the TSUG Committee President and has been a committee member since 2007. He participates on the Student, Finance, and Technology Sub-Committees by reviewing Product Ideas, communicating with Skyward development teams, and supporting the annual…

        Karen Holyfield

        Student Sub-Committee, Place 5

        Karen Holyfield is her name, and Skyward is her game! Karen joins us from Gilmer ISD and she's been in school business for 17 years, with 15 of those years being in PEIMS.  She…

          Leon Fisher

          Vice President, Finance Sub-Committee

          Leon Fisher, Crowley ISD. Coming Soon! (10/2026)

          Lisette Hinojosa

          Student Sub-Committee, Place 2

          Lisette S. Hinojosa serves on the TSUG Student Sub-Committee and has been a Skyward User since 2006. Lisette currently works at McAllen ISD as a Student Data/PEIMS Coordinator specializing in TSDS PEIMS & Core…

          Lynne Eubanks

          Student Sub-Committee, Place 3

          Lynne Eubanks has been a TSUG member since 2016, and a Skyward SMS student user since 2009. Lynne is one of those 'behind the scenes' workers and performs many duties preparing for and during…

          Mallory Scott

          Health Services Sub-Committee, Place 3

          Mallory Scott joins the team at TSUG as a new member of the Health Sub-Committee starting in January, 2024. She has been a Skyward user since 2022. Mallory currently works as the Director of…

            Michael Jagoditsh

            Student Sub-Committee, Place 8

            Michael Jagoditsh has served as a committee member beginning in 2022, serving with the TSUG Student Sub-Committee. He is a former Skyward, Inc. employee who now serves as Director of Data Systems for Grapevine…

            Monica Irvin

            TSUG Executive Committee Member, Conference Coordinator

            Monica Irvin serves on the Executive Committee and is also a member of the Business Sub-Committee. She has been a Skyward user since 2005 and has served on the committee in a few different…

            Nichól Smithers

            Health Services Sub-Committee, Place 2

            Nichól Smithers. Rockwall ISD. Nichól serves as a Health Sub-Committee member and has been a TSUG member since 2013. Nichól currently works as the Director of Health Services for Rockwall ISD in the Dallas/Fort…

              Shawn Lee

              TSUG Executive Committee Member, Webmaster, Director of Social Media

              Shawn Lee serves the TSUG Committee as both an Executive Committee member handling Webmaster duties, including email and website organization. He also manages Social Media for TSUG, managing the committee's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.…

              Sheryl Moulden

              Student Sub-Committee, Place 4

              Sheryl Moulden is excited to return to the service of being on the TSUG Student Sub-Committee following a 3 year break. Sheryl previously served on the Committee for six and a half years before…

              Stella Mendoza

              Human Resources Sub-Committee, Vice President

              Stella Mendoza Stella Mendoza has been a member of the Human Resources Sub-Committee since 2008, and also serves as the current Vice President of the Human Resources Sub-Committee, making her part of the TSUG…

              Sue Cady

              Sue Cady serves as a Finance Sub-Committee member and has been a Skyward user since 2009. She currently works as an Applications Support Specialist at Georgetown ISD providing technical support, training, and interface development…

              Sue Pike

              Vice President, Student Sub-Committee

              Sue Pike. Deer Park ISD. Coming Soon! (10/2022)

                Tammy McDaniel

                Student Sub-Committee, Place 7

                Tammy McDaniel. Levelland ISD. Coming Soon! (10/2026)

                  Taylor Oster

                  Finance Sub-Committee, Place 5

                  Taylor Oster is our newest TSUG Finance Sub-Committee Member. She has been a Skyward user for over 10 years in various capacities ranging from Student to Finance and Employee Access. Taylor is currently a…


                  Human Resources Sub-Committee, Place 4

                  Coming Soon! (10/2024)

                  Teresa Simpson

                  Finance Sub-Committee, Place 3

                  Teresa Simpson serves as a Finance Sub-Committee member and has been a Skyward user for 8 years. She is currently the Director of Accounting for Red Oak ISD. Teresa specializes in Salary Negotiations, Employee…

                  Terra Traynham

                  Finance Sub-Committee, Place 4

                  Terra Traynham started working in business at a school district starting in 2002. She is currently the Director of Finance and Benefits at Royse City ISD.  She started working with Skyward software in 2006…

                  Terri Casey

                  TSUG Executive Committee Member, Secretary

                  Terri Casey has served on the TSUG Student Sub-Committee since 2021 and is the secretary for the committee. Her district converted to Skyward Qmlativ in 2018 from a in-house COBOL mainframe product. She is…

                  Tommy Mertz

                  Vice President, Technology Sub-Committee

                  Tommy Mertz has been a Technology Sub-Committee member since 2015, and steps into a new role as Vice President of the Technology Sub-Committee effective in October, 2022. He currently works as the Manager of…