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Shawn Lee

TSUG Executive Committee Member, Webmaster, Director of Social Media

Shawn Lee serves as an integral member of the TSUG Committee, holding a position on the Executive Committee where he fulfills the role of Webmaster. In this capacity, he oversees the organization’s emails and maintains the committee’s website to ensure smooth functionality. Additionally, Shawn spearheads the management of TSUG’s social media presence, managing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Within the TSUG community, Shawn holds a role on the Student Sub-Committee, contributing to the development of innovative ideas for Skyward Student Management software. His involvement extends to training sessions conducted during the Annual Conference, where he imparts knowledge and expertise to attendees sharing unique ideas for customization and design as well as other areas of expertise. With a background of employment at Skyward, Inc., Shawn brings invaluable insights to both the committee and during his classes at the conference stemming from his current role as the Student Systems Analyst at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD, located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Outside of his institutional responsibilities, Shawn operates as a seasoned software consultant, specializing in various aspects of student management systems. His expertise encompasses New Student Enrollment, Online Registration, Custom Forms, JavaScript implementation, Custom Transcripts, Custom Report Cards, as well as proficiency in SkyBuild Imports and Exports and Skycoder functionalities, among others. Through his consultancy services, Shawn delivers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of educational institutions and organizations.

Lastly, Shawn holds the distinct honor of being the TSUG Social DJ!