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TSUG Steering Committee Information

About The Organization

The TSUG Steering Committee is administered by an Executive Committee consisting of:

  • President
  • Vice President (5 Total)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Conference Coordinator
  • Conference Registration Data Coordinator
  • Webmaster

TSUG also has 5 Sub-Committees. The Committee Chair serves as a Vice President:

  • Student
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Health Services

The Committee plans the Annual Conference as well as reviews Product Ideas (requests for Skyward software product updates and/or enhancements) submitted by Skyward software-using School Districts in the great State of Texas.

Interested in serving on the Steering Committee?
Steering Committee Members consist of employees of a Texas Skyward School District who volunteer their time and labor. As a Steering Committee Member, you will be assisting in the review process of Product Ideas submitted for the software in use within the State of Texas.

Each Steering Committee Member also plays a vital role in the planning and execution of the TSUG Annual Conference.

The TSUG Steering Committee meets four times per year. Typically, two meetings are held in the greater Austin area, and two in more in the greater Dallas area. Attendance to these meetings is critical to the success of TSUG. If you are interested in serving, download and complete the membership application and return it to the Membership Coordinator.

Use the button below to access the TSUG Steering Committee application:

TSUG Steering Committee Members

Executive Committee
James Matthews
TSUG Executive Committee Member, President
Terri Casey
TSUG Executive Committee Member, Secretary
Anne Haehn
TSUG Executive Committee Member, Treasurer
Monica Irvin
TSUG Executive Committee Member, Conference Coordinator
DeVaughn Resczenski
TSUG Executive Committee Member, Conference Registration Data Coordinator
Shawn Lee
TSUG Executive Committee Member, Webmaster, Director of Social Media

Sub-Committee Members

Student Sub-Committee
Sue Pike
Vice President, Student Sub-Committee
Lisette Hinojosa
Student Sub-Committee, Place 2
Lynne Eubanks
Student Sub-Committee, Place 3
Bonnie Suttle
Student Sub-Committee, Place 4
Karen Holyfield
Student Sub-Committee, Place 5
Addy Villalobos
Student Sub-Committee, Place 6
Tammy McDaniel
Student Sub-Committee, Place 7
Michael Jagoditsh
Student Sub-Committee, Place 8

Sub-Committee Members

Human Resources Sub-Committee
Stella Mendoza
Human Resources Sub-Committee, Vice President
Angela Willis
Human Resources Sub-Committee, Place 2
Claudia Alba
Human Resources Sub-Committee, Place 3
Dawna Aleman
Human Resources Sub-Committee, Place 4
Guadalupe Medina
Human Resources Sub-Committee, Place 5
Christy McWhorter
Human Resources Sub-Committee, Place 6


Vice President, Finance Sub-Committee
Leon Fisher
Finance Sub-Committee, Place 2
Teresa Simpson
Finance Sub-Committee, Place 3
Terra Traynham
Finance Sub-Committee, Place 4
Sue Cady
Finance Sub-Committee, Place 5

Sub-Committee Members

Technology Sub-Committee
Tommy Mertz
Vice President, Technology Sub-Committee
Brian Gaines
Technology Sub-Committee, Place 2
Clinton Huffman
Technology Sub-Committee, Place 3
Matthew Yeager
Technology Sub-Committee, Place 4