Mallory Scott

Feb 01, 2000

Mallory Scott joins the team at TSUG as a new member of the Health Sub-Committee starting in January, 2024. She has been a Skyward user since 2022. Mallory currently works as the Director of…

Nichól Smithers

Jan 31, 2000

Nichól Smithers. Rockwall ISD. Nichól serves as a Health Sub–Committee member and has been a TSUG member since 2013. Nichól currently works as the Director of Health Services for Rockwall ISD in the Dallas/Fort…

Amy Hillin

Jan 30, 2000

Amy Hillin serves as Vice President of the Health Services Sub-Committee. Amy began using Skyward in 2008 and has served as a member Texas Skyward User Group since 2012. Amy currently works as the…

Dan Casteel

Jan 29, 2000

Dan Casteel serves as a member of TSUG Technology Sub–Committee and has been a committee member starting in 2023. He participates on both the Student and Technology Sub–Committee by helping to review Product Ideas,…

Clinton Huffman

Jan 28, 2000

Clinton Huffman joins the Technology Sub-Committee starting in 2022. Huffman graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. He worked for Skyward from 2011-2013 and later left the company to accept a job…

Brian Gaines

Jan 27, 2000

Brian Gaines has served on the Technology Sub-Committee beginning in 2021 and participated at the annual TSUG Conference as session Teacher and Moderator since 2017. He currently works as the SIS Administrator for Fort Bend…

Tommy Mertz

Jan 26, 2000

Tommy Mertz has been a Technology Sub-Committee member since 2015, and steps into a new role as Vice President of the Technology Sub-Committee effective in October, 2022. He currently works as the Manager of…

Taylor Oster

Jan 25, 2000

Taylor Oster is our newest TSUG Finance Sub-Committee Member. She has been a Skyward user for over 10 years in various capacities ranging from Student to Finance and Employee Access. Taylor is currently a…


Jan 24, 2000

TBD. (10/2025)

Teresa Simpson

Jan 23, 2000

Teresa Simpson serves as a Finance Sub-Committee member and has been a Skyward user for 8 years. She is currently the Director of Accounting for Red Oak ISD. Teresa specializes in Salary Negotiations, Employee…