Christy McWhorter

Jan 20, 2000

Christy McWhorter has been a member of the Human Resources Sub-Committee since 2013. She works in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD as a Human Resources Coordinator. Her experience with Skyward Finance began in 2009. Her expertise…

Guadalupe Medina

Jan 19, 2000

Lupe Medina serves in the Human Resources Sub-Committee. She currently works as a Human Resources Coordinator at Pflugerville ISD. Lupe’s experience with Skyward Finance began in 2005 when the product was PAC and then…

Dawna Aleman

Jan 18, 2000

Dawna Aleman serves on TSUG’s Human Resources Sub-Committee and has been a member since February 2022. Dawna currently works for Temple ISD as their Payroll Supervisor. Dawna has been a school business professional for…

Claudia Alba

Jan 17, 2000

Claudia Alba, Pflugerville ISD. Coming Soon! (10/2023)

Angela Willis

Jan 16, 2000

Angela Willis. Legacy PCA. Coming Soon! (10/2023)

Stella Mendoza

Jan 15, 2000

Stella Mendoza. Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD. Coming Soon! (10/2022)