Taylor Oster

Jan 25, 2000

Taylor Oster is our newest TSUG Finance Sub-Committee Member. She has been a Skyward user for over 10 years in various capacities ranging from Student to Finance and Employee Access. Taylor is currently a…

Terra Traynham

Jan 24, 2000

Terra Traynham started working in business at a school district starting in 2002. She is currently the Director of Finance and Benefits at Royse City ISD.  She started working with Skyward software in 2006…

Teresa Simpson

Jan 23, 2000

Teresa Simpson serves as a Finance Sub-Committee member and has been a Skyward user for 8 years. She is currently the Director of Accounting for Red Oak ISD. Teresa specializes in Salary Negotiations, Employee…

Dawna Aleman

Jan 21, 2000

Dawna Aleman serves on TSUG’s Human Resources Sub-Committee and has been a member since February 2022. Dawna currently works for Temple ISD as their Payroll Supervisor. Dawna has been a school business professional for 18 years and has…

Leon Fisher

Jan 21, 2000

Leon Fisher, Crowley ISD. Coming Soon! (10/2026)