Taylor Oster

Jan 25, 2000

Taylor Oster is our newest TSUG Finance Sub-Committee Member. She has been a Skyward user for over 10 years in various capacities ranging from Student to Finance and Employee Access. Taylor is currently a…


Jan 24, 2000

TBD. (10/2025)

Teresa Simpson

Jan 23, 2000

Teresa Simpson serves as a Finance Sub-Committee member and has been a Skyward user for 8 years. She is currently the Director of Accounting for Red Oak ISD. Teresa specializes in Salary Negotiations, Employee…

Dawna Aleman

Jan 21, 2000

Dawna Aleman serves on TSUG’s Human Resources Sub-Committee and has been a member since February 2022. Dawna currently works for Temple ISD as their Payroll Supervisor. Dawna has been a school business professional for 18 years and has…

Leon Fisher

Jan 21, 2000

Leon Fisher serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Crowley ISD.  He has served as a Vice President of the TSUG Finance Sub-Committee for three (3) years. During his tenure as a Committee Member,…