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TSUG Annual Conference Information

Information and Schedule Access for the TSUG Annual Conference

Welcome to the TSUG Annual Conference landing page. Each year, the Texas Skyward User Group (TSUG) hosts an annual Conference that includes numerous classes and roundtable discussions to assist users of the software in sharing and learning information related to Skyward and Qmlativ software.

Attendees are charged a fee to attend the conference, with all proceeds going back into the conference and to the IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to manage costs of the conference. Sponsors and other vendors related to school district business and software associated to School Districts in the great State of Texas also attend the conference to share information and conduct business.

If have questions regarding the conference, are interested in attending as a user or vendor, please contact the Conference Coordinator.

Select a button below to access the Course Offerings or to view registration information by selecting Register. Course Offerings reflect 2023 classes and will be subject to change for the 2024 conference. Registration will open for the 2024 conference in August, 2024.

Conference Keynote Speaker

Who Did They Bring to Talk to Us This Year?

TSUG presents, “America’s Funniest Stressbuster,” Kay Frances to the 2023 Conference as our Keynote Speaker.

Kay has worked in a number of different industries and brings her positive message and twist of humor to the TSUG stage. Having served for corporate events, healthcare, education, social services, aging and long term care, and women’s events, Kay is sure to connect with those listening.

“The key to stress management is to minimize our concern and worry over things that are out of our control.”

Join us for a great and fun session as Kay delivers her “seriously humorous guide to a happier life” by presenting “The Funny Thing About Stress.”

2022 TSUG Conference Video Highlights

(Credit Johnathan Jimenez)

2023 TSUG Conference Video Highlights

(Credit Johnathan Jimenez)



Registration for the 2024 TSUG Conference will open in August, 2024!

Register button will be available below to visit our registration site when this occurs. The registration site provides information on conference registration and course offerings. Please keep in mind that classes are always subject to change.



We’re delighted to partner with Kalahari Resorts for conferences in upcoming years, and we’re happy to say we’re not planning a move anytime soon!

If you’re planning ahead or taking notes, we’re looking forward to continued success at the  Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Round Rock, Texas for several years to come:

October 14-16, 2024

October 13-15, 2025

October 12-14, 2026

October 11-13, 2027

October 16-18, 2028

October 15-17, 2029

October 14-16, 2030