Texas Skward User Group RFE's

User Group RFE's
User Group RFE's provide Texas Skyward Districts an additional avenue to pursue the programming of software changes at no cost. Each fiscal year, Skyward commits up to 2,600programming hours to Texas Skyward User Group RFE's at no charge to customers. Hours cover the creating of tutorials, estimation of hours, and programming of software changes.

*Skyward redeems 40% of overall hours for the programming of RFE's benefiting all Skyward School Districts Nationwide.

RFE Process Overview


RFE's Waiting for Release
RFE #    District
1487427Dickinson ISD
1424537Ingleside ISD

2013 RFE Statistics
(As of 05/09/2013)
Total Hours
Allocated Hours:
Total YTD Used:856:58
TSUG Hours
Allocated Minus Skyward 40%:1560
YTD Used Hours:110:06
% Used:7.06%
Hours Remaining:1449:54
% Remaining:92.94%
Skyward Hours
Skyward 40% Redemption:1040:00
YTD Used Hours:746:52
Skyward Hours Remaining:293:08