2021 Conference Handouts
Monday, September 20, 2021 - 9:30 AM
Session Area Session Name
00A STUDENT Enhanced Data Mining
00B STUDENT Skyward Data to Excel
00C STUDENT Responsive Online Custom Forms & JavaScript
00D STUDENT Year End Processing Prep & What to Look For
00E STUDENT Qmlativ Future Scheduling Processes from Request to Student Schedules
00K BUSINESS Qmlativ Finance & HR Overview
00L BUSINESS Accounts Payable Credit Card Processing
00M BUSINESS Intro to Employee Profile & Payroll Records for New Staff
00N BUSINESS TRS: TEAM Reporting & Matching Expenditures
Monday, September 20, 2021 - 1:00 PM
Session Area Session Name
01A STUDENT Discipline from the Classroom to Reporting
01B STUDENT Qmlativ Online Forms & New Student Enrollment
01C STUDENT Roundtable: TSDS Core
01D STUDENT Online Course Request Networking
01E STUDENT Crystal Report Writing from a Customers Perspective
01F STUDENT Using Fee Management
01G STUDENT Family Student Access Overview
01H STUDENT Qmlativ 2021-22 State Reporting Updates
01I STUDENT Centralized Attendance
01K BUSINESS Accounts Receivable Overview
01L BUSINESS Vendor Master & Vendor Requests
01M BUSINESS Chart of Accounts: Valuable Information for Effective Usage
01N BUSINESS True Time Setup & Processing
01O BUSINESS Salary Negotiations: Getting Started Preparing for the New Plan Year - Part 1
01P BUSINESS Excel: Data Analysis HR - Beginning
01Q BUSINESS Qmlativ Networking: Time Tracking
01R BUSINESS Qmlativ State Reporting Prep & Overview
01S TECHNOLOGY Qmlativ IT: A Snapshot
Monday, September 20, 2021 - 2:10 PM
Session Area Session Name
02A STUDENT Obligations A Hidden Jewel
02B STUDENT Qmlativ Importer
02C STUDENT Paperless First Day Attendance According to One District
02D STUDENT Qmlativ Teacher Gradebook Use & Troubleshooting
02E STUDENT Setting Up & Generating Attendance Letters
02F STUDENT Online Registration with Custom Forms
02G STUDENT Future Scheduling Setup
02H STUDENT PEIMS Data Validation Using TSDS Reports
02I STUDENT What Can a Custom Transcript/Report Card Do For Your District
02K BUSINESS Qmlativ Bank Reconciliation Best Practices
02L BUSINESS 1099 Processing
02M BUSINESS Account Sequences for Reporting
02N BUSINESS Qmlativ Networking: Payroll
02O BUSINESS Employee Data Mining: Basic HR
02P BUSINESS Employee Management: Online Data Management
02Q BUSINESS Salary Negotiations: Getting Started Preparing for the New Plan Year - Part 2
02R BUSINESS Qmlativ Security: Finance & HR
02S TECHNOLOGY Qmlativ & SMS 2.0: Best Practices to Protect Against Ransomware
Monday, September 20, 2021 - 3:20 PM
Session Area Session Name
03A STUDENT Bells & Whistles
03B STUDENT Custom Forms Data Collection & Auto-Distribution to Users
03C STUDENT Staff Responsibilities for PEIMS
03D STUDENT Future Scheduling Request Processing
03E STUDENT Rolling Up Students Using Address Paths & - Updating Census Block - Additional Handouts
03F STUDENT Skyward & Laserfiche Work Together for a Paperless Environment
03G STUDENT Qmlativ Networking: New Features
03H STUDENT Tracking Student Data Changes via Change History
03I STUDENT How to Setup a Custom Transcript or Report Card
03K BUSINESS Budget Transfers & General Inputs
03L BUSINESS Purchasing Receiving
03M BUSINESS Qmlativ Networking: Accounts Payable
03N BUSINESS Salary Negotiations: Budgeting Scenarios & Reporting
03O BUSINESS Time Off: Reporting & Other Options
03P BUSINESS Roundtable: Fast Track Online Application
03Q BUSINESS Qmlativ Empowering District Employees with Online Forms
03S TECHNOLOGY Qmlativ & SMS 2.0: Web Troubleshooting & Support
Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 10:10 AM
Session Area Session Name
04A STUDENT Qmlativ Student Customization
04B STUDENT Attendance Entry & Data Verification
04C STUDENT Grade Requirements, Endorsements & Career Plans - Part 1
04D STUDENT Special Programs for Fall PEIMS
04E STUDENT Advantages of using Action Details in Skyward Discipline
04F STUDENT Generate Data from Skyward
04G STUDENT Get Your Act Together Before an Attendance Audit
04I STUDENT SMS Student New Features
04K BUSINESS Accounts Payable Expense Reimbursement
04L BUSINESS Qmlativ Accounts Payable Expense Reimbursement
04M BUSINESS Accounts Payable: Check Request
04N BUSINESS Pay Docks, Unpaid Leave & Service Records
04O BUSINESS W2 Processing in Skyward
04P BUSINESS Qmlativ Staff Planning
04Q BUSINESS HR Year End Boot Camp
04R BUSINESS Qmlativ Time Off Process
04S TECHNOLOGY Qmlativ & SMS 2.0: Define Your What If Strategy - Disaster Recovery Planning
04Y Q R&D Hands-On Qmlativ Applicant Tracking
Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 11:20 AM
Session Area Session Name
05A STUDENT Data Mining for Grades & Schedules
05B STUDENT Arena Scheduling
05C STUDENT Transcripts Grade History
05D STUDENT Grade Requirements, Endorsements & Career Plans - Part 2
05E STUDENT Course Completion for TSDS PEIMS
05F STUDENT Large District Panel
05G STUDENT Mobile App Options & Features
05H STUDENT Qmlativ Tips, Tricks, List Screens, & Live Tiles
05I STUDENT Demographics Utilities & Data Clean Up
05K BUSINESS Purchase Order Approval Best Practices
05L BUSINESS Roundtable: Accounts Payable
05M BUSINESS Qmlativ Activity Accounting
05N BUSINESS Qmlativ HR/Payroll Reports & Utilities
05O BUSINESS Employee Management: Report Comparison with Payroll
05P BUSINESS Payroll: Tracking ACA Hours During Payroll
05Q BUSINESS Qmlativ Time Tracking Setup & Processing
05R BUSINESS Service Records Using Employee Letters
05S TECHNOLOGY SMS 2.0: Single Sign-On Options
Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 1:50 PM
Session Area Session Name
06A STUDENT Test Score Importing
06B STUDENT Data Mining for Special Programs
06C STUDENT Skybuild Steps to Import & Export Data
06D STUDENT Qmlativ Current Scheduling
06E STUDENT TREx Processing & Changes
06F STUDENT Using the Interactive Master Builder & Scheduling Board
06G STUDENT TSDS Core Changes & Best Practices
06H STUDENT NSOE Setup & Use
06K BUSINESS Qmlativ New Year Budgeting at a Glance
06L BUSINESS Qmlativ 1099 Processing
06M BUSINESS Accounts Payable Processing
06N BUSINESS Importing & Reconciling Deductions/ Benefits
06O BUSINESS Payroll Basic Processing Options
06P BUSINESS Roundtable: Human Resources
06Q BUSINESS TSDS PEIMS: Staff Data Submissions
06R BUSINESS Qmlativ Pre-Migration To Do List: Finance & HR
06S TECHNOLOGY Qmlativ & SMS 2.0: Network Security - Lowering Exposure to Threats
06Y Q R&D Come Provide Feedback Regarding Custom Report Cards & Transcripts
Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 3:00 PM
Session Area Session Name
07A STUDENT TSDS PEIMS Changes & Best Practices
07B STUDENT Future Scheduling Using the Auto Scheduler
07C STUDENT Student Management Office Visits
07D STUDENT Roundtable: Small District
07E STUDENT Qmlativ Transcripts & Grade Entry
07F STUDENT Cross Entity Course Enrollment for DAEP Purposes
07G STUDENT Troubleshooting Attendance & Scheduling Issues
07H STUDENT Top 10 Reports for Administrators
07K BUSINESS Vendor Data Mining
07L BUSINESS TSDS PEIMS: Finance Submissions 1 & 2
07M BUSINESS Qmlativ Accounts Payable Check Request
07N BUSINESS Payroll Balancing
07O BUSINESS Qmlativ Position's Central Role - Part 1
07P BUSINESS Qmlativ Payroll Processing Overview
07Q BUSINESS Employee Configurations, Utilities & Reporting
07R BUSINESS New Users: General Skyward Navigation
07S TECHNOLOGY What’s New & What’s Coming in IT Services?
Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 4:10 PM
Session Area Session Name
08A STUDENT Family Maintenance & Reporting
08B STUDENT College Career Military Readiness (CCMR) PEIMS & Accountability
08C STUDENT GPA Troubleshooting
08D STUDENT Qmlativ Data Mining
08E STUDENT Special Programs for Summer PEIMS
08F STUDENT Setting Up Student Indicators, Parent Consent Notes & Critical Alerts
08G STUDENT Attendance Reporting Procedures
08H STUDENT Using Activity Groups for Student Monitoring
08K BUSINESS Balance Sheet Auditor Reports
08L BUSINESS New Year Budgeting at a Glance
08M BUSINESS Qmlativ Networking: Purchasing
08N BUSINESS Qmlativ Position's Central Role - Part 2
08O BUSINESS Roundtable: Payroll
08P BUSINESS Custom Forms: Basic
08Q OTHER Roundtable: Skyward Executives
08S TECHNOLOGY Qmlativ: Single Sign-On Options
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 08:00 AM
Session Area Session Name
09A STUDENT Current Scheduling Tips & Pitfalls
09B STUDENT Qmlativ Special Programs
09C STUDENT Future Scheduling Reports Analysis
09D STUDENT Admin Grading Procedures & the NEW Button in Gradebook
09E STUDENT Graduation Requirements, Endorsements & Career Plans Networking
09F STUDENT Tracking Data Changes Throughout the System
09G STUDENT Qmlativ Graduation Requirements, Endorsements & Career Plans
09H STUDENT Discipline from the Classroom to Reporting
09K BUSINESS Qmlativ Finance Tips & Tricks
09L BUSINESS Purchasing: eCommerce Setup & Process
09M BUSINESS Financial Management: Year End
09N BUSINESS Qmlativ Payroll Processing Tips & Tricks
09O BUSINESS SMS Business New Features
09P BUSINESS Payroll Tips & Tricks
09Q BUSINESS Roundtable: True Time
09S TECHNOLOGY SMS 2.0 Database Maintenance
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 09:10 AM
Session Area Session Name
10A STUDENT Class Ranking Prep & Process
10B STUDENT PEIMS with Justin Jons from TEA - Part 1
10C STUDENT Managing Scheduled Tasks
10E STUDENT Advanced Student Portfolio Importer
10F STUDENT Auto Emails Setup in All Areas
10G STUDENT Fun with Filters
10H STUDENT Advanced Features Button
10K BUSINESS Qmlativ Accounts Payable Processing
10L BUSINESS Qmlativ Purchase Order Process
10M BUSINESS Payroll: New Fiscal Year
10N BUSINESS Qmlativ Networking: Human Resources
10O BUSINESS Qmlativ HR Overview
10P BUSINESS Web Special Features Along with Security Groups & Setup
10Q BUSINESS Changing the Fiscal Year to July
10S TECHNOLOGY SMS 2.0 & Qmlativ: IT Services Roundtable
10Y Q R&D Come Provide Feedback Regarding Qmlativ’s Virtual Attendance & Communications
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 10:20 AM
Session Area Session Name
11A STUDENT NSOE & Online Registration Networking
11B STUDENT PEIMS with Justin Jons from TEA - Part 2
11C STUDENT TSDS Class Roster
11D STUDENT Student Grad Program Data
11E STUDENT Qmlativ Question & Answer
11F STUDENT Training & Supporting Staff One Video at a Time
11G STUDENT Data Mining Custom Forms
11H STUDENT Processing Lists
11K BUSINESS Qmlativ Setting Up Account Clearance & Filters
11L BUSINESS Roundtable: Purchasing
11M BUSINESS Qmlativ Warehouse
11N BUSINESS Qmlativ Sub Tracking Process
11O BUSINESS True Time: Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks
11P BUSINESS Building & Importing Payroll Worksheets
11Q BUSINESS Federal Reporting Including ACA, W2 & 941
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 11:30 AM
Session Area Session Name
12A STUDENT Student Services at Risk, RTI, GT & Section 504
12B STUDENT New Users Data Mining
12C STUDENT Student Entry & Withdrawal Processes
12D STUDENT Term Grade Preparation & Troubleshooting
12E STUDENT Skycoder Tips & Tricks for Awesome Program Customization - Additional Handout
12F STUDENT Qmlativ Report Building
12G STUDENT One Districts Procedures for Tracking & Documenting Leavers
12K BUSINESS Fixed Assets: Processing on the Web
12L BUSINESS Qmlativ Purchase Order to Accounts Payable Check Tips & Tricks
12M BUSINESS Qmlativ Federal Reporting Including ACA, W2 & 941
12N BUSINESS Payroll Codes: Effect Throughout the System
12O BUSINESS Qmlativ General Navigation Tips & Tricks