2017 Conference Handouts
Monday - 10/09/2017 - 10:00AM
Slot Area Session Name
00AStudentBells and Whistles
00BStudentEnhanced Data Mining
00CStudentSetting up and Generating Attendance Letters
00DStudentSpecial Programs
00EStudentYear End Processing Prep and What to Look For
00KBusinessQmlativ Business Overview
00LBusinessAffordable Care Act Advanced Tracking Reporting ACA
00VHealthHealth Power User Health Setup and Security Rights
00WHealthHealth User A Guided Tour
Monday - 10/09/2017 - 1:00PM
Slot Area Session Name
01AStudentAt Risk Module
01BStudentCalendar Setup from a Skyward Perspective
01CStudentGradebook Tips and Online Assignments for Efficient Teachers
01DStudentFuture Scheduling Setup
01EStudentCrystal Report Writing from a Customers Perspective
01FStudentTranscripts for Grade History
01GStudentGrade Reporting and Analysis
01KBusinessAccounts Payable Credit Card Processing
01LBusinessBank Reconciliation Setup
01MBusinessPurchasing Receiving
01NBusinessPay Dock Unpaid Leave Service Records
01OBusinessPayroll Entry of Hourly and Supplemental Pay
01PBusinessTime Off Reporting
01QBusinessTSDS PEIMS Staff Data Submissions
01ROtherWeb Special Features Print Queue Scheduling Tasks and More
01STechnologyTechnical Introduction to Skyward
01VHealthHealth Power User Immunization Setup and Reporting
01WHealthHealth User Immunizations Bootcamp
Monday - 10/09/2017 - 2:10PM
Slot Area Session Name
02AStudentCourse Completion Record for Grades PK through 8
02BStudentCreating Custom Report Cards Standards and Secondary
02CStudentDiscipline from the Classroom to Reporting
02DStudentFee Management one districts use
02EStudentLarge District Roundtable - This class does not have a Handout.
02FStudentGradebook Teacher Tracker Administration
02KBusinessVendor Data Mining - Handout Coming Soon
02LBusinessImporting into Financial Management
02MBusinessCreating Data Analysis Reports in Financial Management
02NBusinessEmployee Data Mining Basic HR
02OBusinessTRS Monthly TEAM Reporting
02PBusinessPayroll Balancing
02QBusinessEmployee Access Empowering District Employees - Handout Coming Soon
02RBusinessEmployee Certifications
02STechnologyTechnical Intro Part 2 Advanced System Admin Topics
02VHealthHealth Power User Enrollment and Registration
02WHealthHealth User Immunization Reports and Letters
Monday - 10/09/2017 - 3:20PM
Slot Area Session Name
03AStudentCourse Completion Record High School credit courses
03BStudentCustom Forms
03CStudentDemographics Utilities and Data Clean up - Handout Coming Soon
03DStudentFuture Scheduling Request Processing
03EStudentHB5 Compliance Part 1 Curriculum Master
03FStudentOffice Visits
03GStudentPEIMS from Legacy to TSDS Export File
03KBusinessAccounts Payable Processing
03LBusinessFinancial Management Year End
03MBusinessVendor Custom Forms and Skycoder
03NBusinessPayroll Codes The effect throughout the payroll and HR system
03OBusinessSub Tracking Processing
03PBusinessCustom Forms Basic
03QBusinessW2 Processing in Skyward
03RBusinessEmployee Data Mining Advanced Payroll
03STechnologyQmlativ IT Preview What is under the hood
03VHealthHealth Power User Communications
03WHealthHealth User Office Visit Bootcamp
Tuesday - 10/10/2017 - 10:10AM
Slot Area Session Name
04AStudentAttendance Reporting Procedures
04BStudentCreating Custom Transcripts - Handout Coming Soon
04CStudentEducators Access Plus Administration
04DStudentHB5 Compliance Part 2 Graduation Requirements
04EStudentNew Users Data Mining
04FStudentObligations A Hidden Jewel
04GStudentSecurity Concepts for Student Management Users
04IStudentCrystal Report Writing
04JStudentQmlativ Student Management
04KBusinessBudgetary Data Mining Basic
04LBusinessFixed Assets Processing on the Web
04MBusinessPurchasing Requisitions and Purchase Orders
04NBusinessQmlativ HR Overview
04OBusinessTrue Time Setup
04PBusinessExcel Data Analysis HR Beginning
04QBusinessTime Off Advanced Options
04RBusinessTRS TEAM Matching Expenditures Calculating and Posting
04STechnologySkybuild for IT - Handout Coming Soon
04VHealthHealth Conditions and Indicators
Tuesday - 10/10/2017 - 11:20AM
Slot Area Session Name
05AStudentCreating Processing Lists using Data Mining and Other Reports
05BStudentFamily Student Access Overview
05CStudentCalendar Setup from a District perspective
05DStudentHB5 Compliance Part 3 Endorsements - Handout for Notes
05EStudentHow to Implement Online Course Request Entry
05FStudentPEIMS Coordinator Roundtable
05GStudentStudent New Features
05HStudentTeacher communication with custom form entry
05IStudentTraining and Supporting Staff One Video at a Time
05KBusinessBank Reconciliation Troubleshooting
05LBusiness1099 Processing
05MBusinessInventory Overview
05NBusinessW2 Processing Electronic Printing
05OBusinessExcel Data Analysis HR Advanced - Handout Coming Soon
05PBusinessSub Tracking Processing
05QOtherWeb Special Features Print Queue Scheduling Tasks and More
05STechnologyDisaster Recovery Planning An ounce of prevention
05VHealthHealth Office Visits There is no place like home
Tuesday - 10/10/2017 - 1:50PM
Slot Area Session Name
06AStudentApps and Other Mobile Solutions
06BStudentData Mining Labels and Mail Merge
06CStudentDiscipline and PEIMS CRDC Reporting
06DStudentFood Service Overview
06EStudentSkybuild Steps to Import Data
06FStudentStaff Responsibilities
06GStudentPerformance Acknowledgements
06HStudentTREx Skyward Process
06IStudentUsing the Interactive Master Builder and Scheduling Board
06JStudentQmlativ Student Management
06KBusinessBudget Transfers and General Inputs
06LBusinessChart of Accounts Account Templates
06MBusinessAccount Management Audits and Utilities
06NBusinessTrue Time Processing
06OBusinessEmployee Management Online data management
06PBusinessFast Track Online Application Process Overview
06QBusinessPayroll Basic Processing Options - Handout Coming Soon
06RBusinessCrystal Reports Human Resources
06STechnologyCloud Troubleshooting and Support
06VHealthHealth Medications
Tuesday - 10/10/2017 - 3:00PM
Slot Area Session Name
07AStudentCross Entity Course Enrollment
07BStudentFuture Scheduling Using the Auto Scheduler
07CStudentCrystal Report Writing
07DStudentHB5 Compliance Part 4 Four Year Plan Setup - Handout for Notes
07EStudentStudent Portfolio Importer - Handout Coming Soon
07FStudentSkybuild Steps to Export Data
07GStudentTroubleshooting Attendance and Scheduling Issues
07HStudentTSDS PEIMS Updates for 17 18
07IStudentSkyward Data to Excel
07KBusinessBudgetary Data Mining Advanced
07LBusinessRoundtable Purchasing - This class does not have a Handout.
07MBusinessPurchasing Requisitions and Purchase Orders
07NBusinessTask Manager - Handout Coming Soon
07OBusinessService Records Using Employee Letters
07PBusinessPayroll Tips and Tricks
07QBusinessWeb Security for Financial Mgmt Human Resourses and Payroll
07STechnologyTop IT Service Tech Issues
07VHealthHealth Medications Codes and Reports
Tuesday - 10/10/2017 - 4:10PM
Slot Area Session Name
08AStudentFamily Maintenance and Reporting
08BStudentGifted and Talented Tips and Tricks
08CStudentGPA Troubleshooting
08DStudentNSOE Setup and Use
08EStudentOptions for Setting CTE Indicators and Calculating Contact Hours
08FStudentPaperless first day attendance according to One District
08GStudentSetting up Student Indicators Parent Consent Notes and Critical Alerts
08HStudentHow to read and review Texas Attendance Reports
08IStudentTSDS Questions and Answers
08KBusinessBudgetary Data Mining Q and A
08LBusinessWhat is New and Interesting in Financial Management - Handout Coming Soon
08MBusinessAccounts Payable Check Request
08NBusinessMaking the Most of Profile
08OBusinessRoundtable Human Resources - This class does not have a Handout.
08PBusinessRoundtable Payroll - This class does not have a Handout.
08STechnologyOptimizing Server Designs for Speed
08VHealthHealth IHP
08YOtherSkyward Executives Roundtable - This class does not have a Handout.
Wednesday - 10/11/2017 - 8:00AM
Slot Area Session Name
09AStudentAdvantages of using Action Details in Skyward Discipline
09BStudentBilingual ESL Data Entry and reporting
09CStudentCurrent Scheduling Tips and Pitfalls
09DStudentFuture Scheduling Reports Analysis
09EStudentGrading Procedures and the NEW button in Gradebook
09FStudentHB5 Compliance Part 5 Four Year Plan Entry Options and Reporting
09GStudentPEIMS Data Validation Using Pre PEIMS and TSDS reports - Handout Coming Soon
09HStudentTracking Data Changes
09IStudentTSDS PEIMS lessons learned
09JStudentUsing the language translator for Grading
09KBusinessVendor Master and New Vendor Requests
09LBusinessNew Year Budgeting at a Glance
09MBusinessTSDS PEIMS Finance Sub 1 and 2
09NBusinessPayroll Tracking ACA HRS During Payroll
09OBusinessPayroll New Fiscal Year
09PBusinessCreating and Maintaining Org Chart
09QBusinessTrue Time Bells and Whistles
09STechnologyPractice Makes Perfect Maintaining a Training Database
09VHealthHealth Screening Entries and Referrals
Wednesday - 10/11/2017 - 9:10AM
Slot Area Session Name
10AStudentClass Ranking prep and process
10BStudentArena Scheduling
10CStudentGradebook Bells and Whistles
10DStudentSummer School Round Table
10EStudentOnline Registration with Custom Forms
10FStudentStudent entry and withdrawal processes
10GStudentStudent New Features
10HStudentTracking Student Data Changes
10IStudentTSDS PEIMS Updates for 17 18
10KBusinessAccounts Payable Setup
10LBusinessPurchasing Receiving - Handout Coming Soon
10MBusinessQmlativ Finance Overview
10NBusinessRoundtable True Time - This class does not have a Handout.
10OBusinessSalary Negotiations Overview
10PBusinessImporting and Reconciling Deductions Benefits
10QBusinessCrystal Reports Financial Management
10STechnologyQmlativ IT Preview What is under the hood
10VHealthHealth Screening State Reports
Wednesday - 10/11/2017 - 10:20AM
Slot Area Session Name
11AStudentLearn how to Process multiple No Show Records
11BStudentGet your act together before an attendance audit
11CStudentHB5 Compliance Part 5 Four Year Plan Entry Options and Reporting
11DStudentUsing Fee Management to collect all fees
11EStudentImplementing Centralized Enrollment using OnLine Registration for New Students
11FStudentMaintaining Master Schedule and Teacher Class Assignment for TSDS
11GStudentManaging Scheduled Tasks
11HStudentOne Districts Procedures for Tracking and Documenting Leavers
11IStudentSmall District Roundtable
11JStudentAuto emails setup in all areas
11KBusinessRoundtable Accounts Payable - This class does not have a Handout.
11LBusinessChart of Accounts Account Templates
11MBusinessSBAA Overview
11NBusinessSalary Negotiations Advanced Budgeting Features
11OBusinessElectronic Contracts Salary Letters and More
11PBusinessFTE Management
11QBusinessMaking the Most of Profile
11RBusinessAffordable Care Act 1094 1095 Processing - Handout Coming Soon
11STechnologyAdvanced SQL and ODBC Configuration
11VHealthHealth Data Mining
Wednesday - 10/11/2017 - 11:30AM
Slot Area Session Name
12AStudentHB5 Compliance Part 6 Discussion Lessons Learned - This class does not have a Handout.
12BStudentManaging Substitutes and Educator Access Plus Access
12CStudentNSOE and Online Registration roundtable - This class does not have a Handout.
12DStudentSection 504 Overview
12EStudentStudent Grad Program data for TSDS
12FStudentTerm grade preparation and troubleshooting
12GStudentTSDS Questions and Answers
12HStudentUsing Skycoder to Customize the Software
12IStudentUsing the language translator for Discipline
12KBusinessAccounts Payable Advanced Options - Handout Coming Soon
12LBusinessFinancial Management Year End - Handout Coming Soon
12MBusinessPurchasing Setup
12NBusinessPayroll Tips and Tricks
12OBusinessPay Dock Unpaid Leave Service Records
12PBusinessCustom Forms Advanced
12QBusinessTRS Monthly TEAM Reporting
12RBusinessWhat is New and Interesting in Human Resources - Handout Coming Soon
12STechnologySimplify Skyward User Logins using LDAP
12VHealthHealth What is next in Skyward Health - This class does not have a Handout.